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Florence Broadhurst (1899 – 1977)
- Born in outback Queensland
- Travelled to Asia in the performing arts
- Started a wallpaper business in Sydney in the 60’s
- Today a celebrated artist of significance
Florence Broadhurst was born in Queensland in the late 1800’s – today upon reflection of her life she has woven an amazing technicolour tapestry around her, from her theatrical performances in the east,  and later back in Australia, her wallpaper business.
She lived until the late 1970’s, leaving behind a staggering array of beautiful hand drawn wallpapers.

A wallpaper library which contains over 530 hand drawn patterns, of  flamboyant beauty  - from intricate English tapestries to abstract geometrics, romantic florals, psychedelic pop art, dynamic orientals and witty, cartoon-like line drawings.

In the early days she travelled and performed throughout theatres of  Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Calcutta, Delhi and Karachi, then turning east to perform in Hong Kong, Shanghai, finishing in Manchuria, and back to Shanghai where she stayed for some time.

Florence would take photos all around the world, where she was surrounded by a kaleidoscope of styles from cultures driven together by colonialism. After travelling around the world performing stage shows...... She was a woman who created a significant impact on the design world.

Florence said  ...’my world travel from an early age helped me to become acquainted in all spheres of design.’ In the late 60’s when Australia was quite conservative in their taste, Florence began to change the rooms of all types of Australian interiors.

Legend Australia has thoughtfully selected  from her wallpaper design archives and translated them for the first time into beautiful bedlinen.
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From $279.95
From $279.95