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Silk Story Duvets

Luxurious and sumptuously soft, these organic duvets, pillows and underlays are filled with the highest quality mulberry silk fibre. They are delightfully cool in summer and delicately warm in winter. They are also hypoallergenic and mite and mildew resistant to create the ultimate and most desirable sleep environment.

Silk Duvet Inner Use and Care

Always use a removable duvet cover for protection from dirt and stains. The silk duvet and underlay must never be shaken vigorously. Unlike other types of duvet lining the silk filling does not move. The silk duvet only requires an airing after a period of storage.

Care & Cleaning

Sun cure it by airing the silk duvet inner/mattress underlay in the sun twice a year though no longer than an hour each time. This has the effect of cleaning and purifying the silk floss. Under normal circumstances no other cleaning should be required.

Localised spillages can be treated immediately by wiping the area with a clean damp cloth. If spillage has penetrated the silk flow, the affected area only may be delicately hand washed using lukewarm water and a gentle liquid soap such as is used to wash woollens. Excess water can be sponged off using a clean dry towel. It must be dried thoroughly and it is recommended that the duvet be left to lie flat while drying.

Do not machine wash, wring or tumble dry. In exceptional circumstances where the duvet requires complete cleaning. It may be professionally drycleaned.