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Bianca Lorenne

The Lavoro D’Amore collection.


Translating to ‘labour of love’ in Italian, Lavoro D’Amore is not only the name of Bianca Lorenne’s gorgeous new collection of fine linens, it also embodies the ethos associated with how we produce our luxury items.

Beginning with hand drawn and hand painted artwork, each piece is lovingly designed with meticulous attention to detail before being fabricated by master craftspeople.  Adorned and finished with needlework or fabric embellishments, our artisans employ skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create unique, heirloom, quality pieces that are individual labours of love.

Bianca Lorenne’s commitment to celebrate hand crafted design continues in our new collection consisting of gorgeous contemporary bouquet prints, hand stitched embellished bedspreads, velvet comforters and cushions, knitted throws, table linen and some exciting new accessories.  


Amelie Charcoal Cushion Bianca Lorenne
Cordelia Olive Comforter Bianca Lorenne
From $99.00
Petipa Cushion Bianca Lorenne
From $185.00
Trumpetta Ice Comforter Bianca Lorenne
From $60.00
Trumpetta Ice Cushion Bianca Lorenne
Trumpetta Ice Duvet Bianca Lorenne
From $359.00
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